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Mad Hatter

Every now and then its nice just get away from weddings and let your mind wonder with your creative juices ! This portfolio piece was inspired of course by Alice in Wonderland – the crazy mad hatter ! With the help of the wonderfully talented make up artist Melissa Mackay from Bliss Makeup, Esthetics, and […]

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Toronto – Blue Jays Mission

Wow – look at me go! Two travel posts in ONE week? This is unheard of ! Haha – having some down time has really been great for going back in the untouched archives of travel and personal creative pieces and actually having time to blog about it! Next is my Mad Hatter photoshoot – […]

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Italy 2013

FINALLY. I have finally finished my Italy images.. only took a million years. This past year of weddings have been absolutely amazing and I defiantly got caught up in the editing, creative work, and just having me time as well. So finally – now that I have down time and its winter.. I CAN FINALLY […]

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