Mad Hatter

Every now and then its nice just get away from weddings and let your mind wonder with your creative juices ! This portfolio piece was inspired of course by Alice in Wonderland – the crazy mad hatter ! With the help of the wonderfully talented make up artist Melissa Mackay from Bliss Makeup, Esthetics, and Massage and a fantastic hairstyle by Mahala Boychuk they made my model, Talia Millington, look fantastic ! Finally after four months I am finally blogging this! Haha – enjoy!


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Toronto – Blue Jays Mission

Wow – look at me go! Two travel posts in ONE week? This is unheard of ! Haha – having some down time has really been great for going back in the untouched archives of travel and personal creative pieces and actually having time to blog about it! Next is my Mad Hatter photoshoot – I promise!

Anyways so Brodie and I decided we wanted to see the Blue Jays. It was on both of our bucketlists so we booked them, packed up and flew to see them play! It was AMAAAZING. It was Blue Jays vs Yankees – and they WON! We booed ARod, ate terrible food, and made some friends over pints of ridiculously expensive beer. Afterwards we ended up grabbing tickets to the next game off a scalper – they played Kansas City and also won! Pretty sure it was because we were there.. anyways heres a few photos I took of our mini trip for our birthdays.




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Italy 2013

FINALLY. I have finally finished my Italy images.. only took a million years. This past year of weddings have been absolutely amazing and I defiantly got caught up in the editing, creative work, and just having me time as well. So finally – now that I have down time and its winter.. I CAN FINALLY FINISH PORTFOLIO TRAVEL PIECES. I hope you all have seen my previous post on Venice – if not click here and check it out before viewing these beauties of the rest of my Italian trip to Rome, Siena, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Milano. Again my editing style is a matte, rustic, vintage feel that I think is very suitable for these photographs. A step back into time. Enjoy.

Oh also thanks to Brodie for joining me on this wonderful, artistic, and life enlightening journey of mine ! Here’s to many more!

2013-09-26_00012014-02-04_00022014-02-04_00032014-02-04_00042014-02-04_00052014-02-04_00062014-02-04_00072014-02-04_00082014-02-04_00092014-02-04_0010Brodie’s first time handling my camera.. kinda of missed the subject of focus.. but I dig this photo anyways. Haha.
2014-02-04_00112014-02-04_00122014-02-04_00132014-02-04_00142014-02-04_00152014-02-04_00162014-02-04_00172014-02-04_00182014-02-04_00192014-02-04_00202014-02-04_00212014-02-04_00222014-02-04_00232014-02-04_00242014-02-04_00252014-02-04_00262014-02-04_00272014-02-04_00282014-02-04_00292014-02-04_00302014-02-04_00312014-02-04_00322014-02-04_00332014-02-04_00342014-02-04_00352014-02-04_00362014-02-04_00372014-02-04_00382014-02-04_00392014-02-04_00402014-02-04_00412014-02-04_00422014-02-04_00432014-02-04_00442014-02-04_00452014-02-04_00462014-02-04_00472014-02-04_00482014-02-04_00492014-02-04_00502014-02-04_00512014-02-04_00522014-02-04_00532014-02-04_00542014-02-04_00552014-02-04_00562014-02-04_00572014-02-04_00582014-02-04_00592014-02-04_00602014-02-04_00612014-02-04_00622014-02-04_00632014-02-04_00642014-02-04_00652014-02-04_00662014-02-04_00672014-02-04_00682014-02-04_00692014-02-04_00702014-02-04_00712014-02-04_00722014-02-04_00732014-02-04_00742014-02-04_00752014-02-04_0076This is carpaccio .. an italian dish of raw beef, olive oil, and lemon. It was delightful. Brodie begs to differ.


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Lukasz - Wow, amazing pictures guys!!!! I am jelous!! :O

Courtney + Fleming MARRIED!

Okay.. Courtney.. can we be besties? For real ! Courtney is one of the nicest, caring, most genuine and funny people you can ever hope to meet. Fleming is much the same way – they make such a good couple, their relationship is so real and down to earth and it defiantly shows through the imagery, the love they have for each other ! I loved shooting this wedding – it was such a good time (even if it was +35 still at 8:00pm LOL) ! Now grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy their story !

Also HUGE thanks to Aaron Sikstrom from Old Fashioned Principle Photography for being my second shooter! Much appreciated !


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