Venice, Italy

Sooo its been about three months now since I went to Italy and I am just posting my first leg of the trip now. I KNOW. I’m terrible. Wedding season is in full swing however today I have dedicated to posting photos from Venice.
Venice, to me anyways, felt like I stepped back into time. From the old rustic buildings and churches, the beautiful language, and to even the food (gelato specifically) – it all felt like I stepped into a dream or time warp. It’s a part of Europe that everyone should experience at least once and I’m excited to share a few images from my perspective. The photos that I took are more capturing the architecture of the city and their water system. Which I was tempted to take a gondola ride.. but to be honest.. its a little bit of a tourist gimmick so I took photos instead.:)

Now these images aren’t my normal kind of edit but I wanted the photos to have a vintage rustic feel to them – kind of like how I felt when walking through the city. Enjoy.

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Lukas - GREAT PICTURES CHERYL!!! Some of your b/w ones look like they were done from back in the 60s!

Kelly + Gi Married!

I can not express enough how much I LOVED this couple. Their genuine smiles and the beautiful and real love they have for each other made my heart sing. Not to mention I’ve gained another set of new friends!:)Victory! It was a beautiful day with wonderful people and they remind me why I love what I do! Congrats Kelly + Gi !


A HUGE thank you goes to Aaron Sikstrom from Old Fashioned Principle Photography for doing a great job second shooting for me! Thank you! Make sure to check out his facebook page and show some love!


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So I get the lovely opportunity to shoot my first relative wedding! Pressure much? … Nah, my cousin – Mitch – whom would like to be presented on my blog as “awesome”, is indeed kinda awesome. Not really when we were growing up though.. He was kind of a pain.. haha kidding. Not really. Fast forward time and in comes Nicole! A sunbeam through rainy clouds this one is! Mitch is one lucky man ! I had a great time capturing their engagement session and I bet I’ll have an even better time capturing their beautiful day with my own family and friends attending!:)

Anyways enjoy!:)


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Jade + Jason Married!

What a beautiful wedding! Right from our first meeting to the engagement photos – I knew this couple had a vision! And boy did they deliver – the scenery was exquisite, the guests were a blast, and the wedding party were delightful ! I am so grateful I got to be the one to capture this wonderful day. Congrats Jade + Jason – you guys are truly beautiful souls and I wish you an amazing love-filled future together !


Huge thanks goes to Aaron Sikstrom from Old Fashioned Principle Photography – so grateful to have Aaron as a second shooter ! Thanks so much!

Thanks to Julie from Julie B Makeup Artistry ! The bride and bridesmaids looked absolutely stunning !

Thanks to Leslie and Chris from Airau – their cinematography is out of this world! Check out Jade and Jason’s video  here !

Thanks to Kari Montean from Borrowed Blue Wedding Design for the amazing decor!

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