Little Red Jeannie

Hey everybody! So last month I got to shoot the beautiful Jeannie ! We collaborated together and came up with this rad idea of doing a little red riding hood shoot with a gorgeous half wolf named Jewel. I had so much fun on this guys – I think editorials and collaborations are my favourite.. well next to weddings of course. 😉

So my business is going through some massive re-branding changes at the moment – so keep an eye out for a new theme/layout for the website, as well as my new logo! I am going back to Cheryl Clarke Photography as Brett will be going back to school and I will be taking the business full on.:)Don’t worry wedding clients – I’ll still have a second shooter ! <3 So lots in store this year for some new marketing !


Anyways! To the photos!


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Tyler & Andrea Family – Happy 2013 !

Happy 2013 everyone! Also – Merry Christmas too.. LOL. Been slacking big time on the blog department – I’ve just been so focused on practicing, booking clients, preparing for all my 2013 weddings,  as well as getting all my receipts in order for tax time.. what a mess. Epic fail on my part, however I am SO excited for this year. This is going to be MY year guys. I can just feel it. With all my studying, youtube videos, creativeLIVE events, and investing in new equipment – I just have that feeling in my tummy that this is the year I excel to the next level.

I wanted to blog a family session so one of my favourite ones was from this past fall ! This little family were so adorable, its a blessing capturing moments like these that people will forever treasure.


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Seasons Greetings!

It seems like forever since I’ve done a post.. however I always say that. Haha – which means I need to focus more on our website/blog ! Anyways. I’ve been talking  to different web designers lately for a new look of our website.. unfortunately web design really isn’t my strong point in life lol! I’d like it to be easy on the eyes, simple, but elegant.. but still easy enough for clients to whisk through without having any difficulty. They are EXPENSIVE though – the designer I REALLY want costs a cool $2300 .. guh. maybe next year. Anyways .. NEW LENSE ALERT ! Since my first boudoir event went extremely well .. I am planning another one for Valentine’s day! Swooooooon! So with my profit I make strictly from that event goes to none other then.. wait for it…


The beautiful Canon 85mm 1.2 II.. Can not WAIT for this baby! After this lense theres only three other pieces of equipment that I’d really like.. or actually NEED to add to my collection. Want: Canon Mark III body, 28-300mm 3.5, and another 580x Speedlite… Yes. So if some magical santa really exists that is what I’d like under my tree this year. LOL. What? Its only like 7-8 grand..


Anyway I finally got to finish my winter wedding that we shot and it was a blast! Mykayla and Shawn.. theres just something about witnessing two soul mates come together. It makes me feel full of bliss and happiness !  Congrats Mykayla & Shawn ! You are beautiful souls and I am so glad we met you guys! <3 So heres a few of my favourites from their day.




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Boudoir Event – Success!

Hey feels like forever since I’ve done a post! I’ve been super duper busy with editing our Mexican & winter wedding – however I’ve also been busy with side projects.. like this past weekend I put on “Cheryl’s extravagant, awesome, amazing, sexy, dont wanna miss this, Boudoir event!” I booked a lovely jacuzzi suite at the Holiday Inn (best looking rooms, FYI future boudoir event photographers) and then I just… put myself out there! I made an advertisement about my event.. and guess what? SOLD OUT IN TWO FLIPPIN’ DAYS! (minus a backout – however that was filled the same day!) I was SOOOO happy… but nervous at the same time.. I just sort of through myself out there not knowing what to expect.. I hired the most brilliant makeup artist that I know, Melissa Mackay from Bliss Makeup, Esthetics, and Spa (visit her website! 😉 and I contacted my good friend Maddison Kalista and her sister Brooklyn to do hair (They are unreal at hair.. seriously.) and I guess I sort of .. winged it. I studied some images online – asked a few photographers some tips and tricks on posing.. and VWALA! A great success! I am extremely proud of my team and the clients who showed up and strutted their stuff this past weekend .. a few girls were extremely shy.. but by the end of it they were like a different person! 100% more confident! Which made their imagery even better. Anything really is possible if you put your mind to it as long as your through yourself out there and just give it a try! Anyways.. a couple of the girls this past weekend gave me model release so I am happy to show a few images off!

Thanks ladies!




Ahhh thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 There will be another boudoir event later in January if anyone is interested dont hesitate to pop me a message!


Laters dollfaces!

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Frost Beauty

I’ve had such amazing clients – and when they book you for a second time it really is one heck of a compliment. Brett and I photographed Carrolyn & Chris’s wedding back in June of this year and she contacted me to do a trash the dress shoot in September! We didn’t expect snow at all on our chilly October day but as any photographer would do.. we improvised! We changed it to a snowy “trash the dress” sesh and I just LOVE how it turned out. Enjoy !




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