Boudoir Event – Success!

Hey feels like forever since I’ve done a post! I’ve been super duper busy with editing our Mexican & winter wedding – however I’ve also been busy with side projects.. like this past weekend I put on “Cheryl’s extravagant, awesome, amazing, sexy, dont wanna miss this, Boudoir event!” I booked a lovely jacuzzi suite at the Holiday Inn (best looking rooms, FYI future boudoir event photographers) and then I just… put myself out there! I made an advertisement about my event.. and guess what? SOLD OUT IN TWO FLIPPIN’ DAYS! (minus a backout – however that was filled the same day!) I was SOOOO happy… but nervous at the same time.. I just sort of through myself out there not knowing what to expect.. I hired the most brilliant makeup artist that I know, Melissa Mackay from Bliss Makeup, Esthetics, and Spa (visit her website! 😉 and I contacted my good friend Maddison Kalista and her sister Brooklyn to do hair (They are unreal at hair.. seriously.) and I guess I sort of .. winged it. I studied some images online – asked a few photographers some tips and tricks on posing.. and VWALA! A great success! I am extremely proud of my team and the clients who showed up and strutted their stuff this past weekend .. a few girls were extremely shy.. but by the end of it they were like a different person! 100% more confident! Which made their imagery even better. Anything really is possible if you put your mind to it as long as your through yourself out there and just give it a try! Anyways.. a couple of the girls this past weekend gave me model release so I am happy to show a few images off!

Thanks ladies!




Ahhh thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 There will be another boudoir event later in January if anyone is interested dont hesitate to pop me a message!


Laters dollfaces!

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Frost Beauty

I’ve had such amazing clients – and when they book you for a second time it really is one heck of a compliment. Brett and I photographed Carrolyn & Chris’s wedding back in June of this year and she contacted me to do a trash the dress shoot in September! We didn’t expect snow at all on our chilly October day but as any photographer would do.. we improvised! We changed it to a snowy “trash the dress” sesh and I just LOVE how it turned out. Enjoy !




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Crissy & Cam MARRIED!

First of all let me start by saying how awesome this wedding party was.. super funny and very easy to get along with! We had such a blast shooting the ceremony and aftershots of Crissy & Cam.. they compliment each other so well as you can see in the images – very photogenic !:)I LOVE shooting in the fall, the colors are so beautiful – and they tied in so well with her gorgeous red themed wedding and seriously that bouquet has got to be the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen! Thank you so much Crissy & Cam for hiring us to be your photographers and CONGRATS!


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Emily – Glow

Hope everyone had a fantastic turkey weekend! I know I did.. I think Im on round two of leftover helpings. Brett had to roll me out of the kitchen, seriously. Haha! WOW! September & October.. we have been SO busy ! And I’m loving it ! I love the inquiries, meeting new people to talk about their wedding vision, meeting families and their kids ! Life is good! Sorta.. minus the fact that I’m sitting in front of a computer every night! But it  comes with the job! I’m finding ways every day to make my workflow alot easier so I can spend more time shooting and less time editing so hopefully I will be a master at the workflow craft and have less circles under my eyes !:)So onward to some eyepleasing-photography!

I had the pleasure of photographing Emily – she is ridiculously sweet and such a natural beauty. A fellow vintage lover as well – she rocked this shoot! Got my Argoflex in a few shots as well as a headpiece I purchased from eBay not too long ago ! I think I could of put anything on Emily’s head and it would look good…. haha! Anyways – here she is!


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