Crissy & Cam MARRIED!

First of all let me start by saying how awesome this wedding party was.. super funny and very easy to get along with! We had such a blast shooting the ceremony and aftershots of Crissy & Cam.. they compliment each other so well as you can see in the images – very photogenic !:)I LOVE shooting in the fall, the colors are so beautiful – and they tied in so well with her gorgeous red themed wedding and seriously that bouquet has got to be the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen! Thank you so much Crissy & Cam for hiring us to be your photographers and CONGRATS!


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Emily – Glow

Hope everyone had a fantastic turkey weekend! I know I did.. I think Im on round two of leftover helpings. Brett had to roll me out of the kitchen, seriously. Haha! WOW! September & October.. we have been SO busy ! And I’m loving it ! I love the inquiries, meeting new people to talk about their wedding vision, meeting families and their kids ! Life is good! Sorta.. minus the fact that I’m sitting in front of a computer every night! But it  comes with the job! I’m finding ways every day to make my workflow alot easier so I can spend more time shooting and less time editing so hopefully I will be a master at the workflow craft and have less circles under my eyes !:)So onward to some eyepleasing-photography!

I had the pleasure of photographing Emily – she is ridiculously sweet and such a natural beauty. A fellow vintage lover as well – she rocked this shoot! Got my Argoflex in a few shots as well as a headpiece I purchased from eBay not too long ago ! I think I could of put anything on Emily’s head and it would look good…. haha! Anyways – here she is!


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Leeann + Patrick MARRIED!

Brett and I were so happy to capture this wedding! Great people and great venue! We’ve been so lucky getting such easy going brides and grooms. Meet Leeann and Patrick – from Leeann’s amazing eyes to Patricks adorable grin, from start to finish I was thrilled to be able to add this to our portfolio. Thanks for hiring us guys – good times and great memories!

Fun fact : Leeann’s dad is actually the commentator for the Medicine Hat Tigers hockey games!

Anyways – photo time!

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Jodi + Troy ENGAGED!

So apparently EVERYONE knows who these two are!:)And so they should – they are a ridiculously gorgeous couple who are the sweetest and I can not get over how beautiful Jodi’s smile is.:)Everytime I went to process these images, I would find myself smiling just looking at them! I love amazing people, sunsets, mason jars, and candles.. and when come together it makes me one happy photographer! Can not wait for their wedding!


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Karla - Wow, these are great pics Cheryl. What a great couple :)