Alie, Babes, and Pups!

So for my last few days of living in Edmonton, I got together with one of my favourites! Alie! She is expecting a little bundle of joy soon so we figured we should capture this wonderful moment in time. Alie also has two beautiful vizsla pups, Lenny and Olive. It turned out to be such a fun and creative shoot – posing in shrubs, tricks with the dog, twirling around with scarves.:)Miss you Alie!

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alie - I love them!! you always make me look great!! thank you so much! i miss you too!! make sure you give me a call next time you guys visit E town!

Jessie & Cale

This wedding was so beautiful – got to shoot in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the Dreams resort. Jessie is seriously the modern day snow white – just ridiculously beautiful and Cale – tall, dark, handsome. The weather was just perfect for their day, the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was unlike anything I’ve ever seen – fire show & fireworks ! Just wonderful! Thank you so much for letting me capture this day Jessie & Cale! <3

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Angie Reesor - You are so very talented Cheryl! Beautifully done, looking forward to having our family pictures done with you :)

Miranda - wow Cheryl!! these are so beautiful.nicely done!! cant wait to see kari and Vance’s:)

cheryl - thanks doll 😀

Cari + Tyler

Cari + Tyler .. they are a beautiful couple with such kindness and amazing souls! Brett and I had such a blast shooting this wedding. It was hot and bright but we defiantly managed with this photogenic couple ! It was a very relaxed environment and the people around us made us feel so welcome. From getting ready in the morning and right up till the dances at night – the day was beautifully perfect.:)Congrats you guys!

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First newborn session.. ever !

Alright, first newborn session! Was so very excited for this – my friend Lisa asked me to photograph her 7 day old baby Ryker and I was just so pumped for it so of course I said yes. Then I thought.. I’ve never.. ever done one before. So I pretty much winged it! Lol I never knew babies were so bobble headed like.. poor little guy, we tried getting him into certain positions that we saw on a website.. with no luck. He just sort of flopped around. Lol! That is my next learning task.. how to position newborns! Anyways heres the adorable baby Ryker and his ridiculously cute outfits!

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Audrey Kaupp - OH Cheryl, you did a wonderful job of catching some great pictures of our adorable little grandson in some really cute outfits. Yes, their head is wobbly and they sleep so much, but you caught him awake and with eyes open and his full lips ….Not an easy task but you did marvellous.